April 6 - May 27, 2019
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday
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Candles, Lotions, Scents, & Bath

Devonshire Incense


What makes our incense special is a unique blend of costly resins, such as Copal, Frankincense, and Myrrh, the finest quality essential oils, and beautiful colors.

Pecan Grove

Shoppe #141 Taylor Lane

incense, soap demonstrations continuously throughout the day.

Legendary Candle Co.


Hand crafted candles with long burn times and simple ingredients.

Holly Field

Shoppe #15 Sir Richard's Way

Majikah Perfumery


A premiere shop for wonderful and enchanting scents.

Crown Meadow

Shoppe #108 Dragon's Fire Pass

Roman Bath

Handmade lotions and soaps in a variety of enticing scents.

Holly Field

Shoppe #45 Sir Richard's Way

Royal Candle Maker


High quality, long burning, refillable, hand carved candles and long burning hand poured scented candles.

Pecan Grove

Shoppe #157 Pecan Lane

candle carving demonstrations continuously throughout the day.

Silhouettes in Wax

Holly Field

Shoppe #62 West Market Road

Worshipful Co. of Wax Chandlers


Spectacular and high end bath, body & candle products made in a unique way.

Crown Meadow

Shoppe #102 Hightower Square

chandlery with beesewax demonstrations at 11:30, 2:30, 5:30

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