April 7 - May 28, 2018
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday

Head Dressing & Masks

Dream Hats


Custom hats that are handmade and designed to suit you best. //

Holly Field

Shoppe #43 Sir Richard's Way

Hurricane & Husband Proof Hair Wraps

Hair wraps that are sure to make taming your hair a breeze.

Pecan Grove

Shoppe #Kiosk on Gypsy Road

Linda’s Hairlooms

Handcrafted garlands and floral headpieces.

Crown Meadow

Shoppe #112 Dragon's Fire Pass

Lionheart Hat Shoppe

Period appropriate hats for peasants and gentry.

Pecan Grove

Shoppe #145 Taylor Lane

Rosie’s Posies

Beautiful hair garlands made from dried flowers.

Crown Meadow

Shoppe #49 Falconry Lane

Here Lies thy Adventure

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