Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts (Performing Company)

Scarborough is looking for performers who interact well with others, can follow instructions and enjoy entertaining. Actors should expect that their characters will be outgoing, interesting and entertaining to the visitors of Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

Auditions will consist of a series of previously unrehearsed, individual and group activities; however no improvisational acting experience is required. Following auditions, characters will be created to best suit the needs of the festival, the cast and the performers.

If you are interested in joining our Performing Company, please click here for more details.

Stage and Lane Performers

2024 Contracting is complete for independent stage and street acts and musicians. Applications for the 2025 season can be sent at any time, but it is preferred they are sent after May 28th, 2024 and no later than August 2nd, 2024. Thank you.

To be considered as a Stage Act or Street Act for the 2025 Scarborough Renaissance Festival, please send the following information via an EPK (electronic press kit)

  • A one (1) paragraph elevator pitch describing your show.
  • Resumé, references, awards, and any PR (Public Relations) materials you may have.
  • If including a highlight video, please make sure to also send at least 5 continuous minutes of an act where we can hear your patter.
  • Salary request per day (please note: Scarborough Renaissance Festival allows for hat passing and juried merchandise sales). In general, Stage acts perform 3-4 twenty-five (25) minute stage shows per day, plus street work. Street performers are scheduled for 9 hours (the festival is open 10-7) of street work with breaks. This is open to negotiation.
  • Act merchandise (t-shirts, cds, stickers, etc…) must be approved by the Entertainment Director prior to performance.
  • Availability. The Scarborough Renaissance Festival runs Saturdays, Sundays, and Memorial Day Monday from April 5th until May 26th, 2025. Full or partial contracts are available. If you are interested in a partial contract, please specify the best weekends for you.
  • When applying as a duo or group, it is expected that the performers in the video will be performing at the Festival. No substitutions are allowed without the approval of the Entertainment Director of the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.
  • All stage and street acts are required to carry general liability insurance.

For serious consideration for the 2025 season, all materials should be received by Friday, August 2, 2024. 

Proposals that do not include a salary request and availability information will not be considered seriously. Note: We are always willing to negotiate.

Please email to: Dan Kostelec, Entertainment Director at [email protected]

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment. All qualified performers will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age or ability.