April 10 - May 31, 2021
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday
No Refunds or Exchanges


Frequently Asked Questions

Dates: Saturdays & Sundays, April 10 – May 30, and Memorial Day Monday May 31, 2021.

Hours: Festival gates open at 10am and close at 7pm with opening ceremonies beginning at 9:45am and closing ceremonies beginning at 6:45pm.

Open rain or shine.

Without question the best time to arrive is as close to our 10am opening as possible.  There is even a pre-opening show at the village gates begininng at 9:45 am.

There is a lot to see in a day (or even two). With 25+ stages of entertaiment and over 200 shoppes, the longer you have to visit Scarborough Renaissance Festival®, the more you will be able to see and experience.

Ticket prices are available on our Ticket Information and Pricing page.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. ‘Child’ tickets are for children ages 5-12. Children age 4 and under are always free.

Parking is free.

Group Tickets: Group tickets may be purchased online only. You can receive information about group events by email or by calling 972-938-3247, ext. 17.

Consignment Tickets: Consignment tickets may be ordered by email or by calling 972-938-3247 ext. 17. There are further details about Group and Consignment Tickets on our Consignment Ticket Program page.

There are no refunds or exchanges for any ticket.

Coupon & Discount Offers: Discounts will be announced closer to the beginning of our 40th Season in 2021.

Group Tickets: Group tickets may be purchased online only. You can receive information about group events by calling 972-938-3247, ext. 17.

Consignment Tickets: Consignment tickets may be ordered by calling 972-938-3247, ext. 17. There are further details about Group and Consignment Tickets on our Consignment Ticket Program page.

Military Discount: Active Military Personnel and up to four members of their family receive $4.00 off admission (valid only for adult tickets) upon showing valid military identification at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival® Ticket Office. Offer only valid at the Gate.

Seniors (65+) receive $2.00 off of adult admission upon showing valid identification at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival® Ticket Office. Offer only valid at the Gate.

Opening Weekend Only (4/10/21 – 4/11/21): Up to 3 children (12 and under) admitted free with each paid adult. Seniors (65+) are 1/2 price when purchased at our Ticket Office.

No, parking is free!

Keep in mind that the earlier you arrive, the closer you park.

2511 FM 66
Waxahachie, TX 75167

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is located just 30 minutes south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, near historic Waxahachie, Texas, off I-35E, exit 399B.

There are more detailed directions on our Directions Page.

ATMs are located at:

  • The Main and Pecan Grove Souvenir Shoppes
  • Across from the Falconry Privies (against the fence)
  • The King’s Pub
  • Dirty Duck Pub
  • Cat and Fiddle Tavern

If able, please bring cash with you as cash is the only payment option for Food, Beverages, Games, & Rides.

All of the Scarborough Renaissance Festival® Ticket Windows, Souvenir Shops, the Rose & Crown Inn, and many of the artisan shoppes accept most major credit cards.

However, Food Booths (kitchens), the rest of the Taverns & Pubs, games and rides ONLY accept Cash. If you do not have Cash on hand, we do have ATMs available throughout the Festival site to assist you, but we do suggest that you bring sufficient cash with you for your visit.

If you do not wish to carry Cash, our Ticket Windows sell “Renaissance Dollars” that are accepted like Cash throughout the Festival.

Dress at the Festival is casual; t-shirt, jeans, shorts, picnic-style clothes.

If you would like to enter the spirit of the Renaissance by wearing a costume, we welcome you to.  Rental costumes are available at Suit Your Fancie (right inside the Front Gate).

Renaissance clothing is also available for purchase from the fine clothiers at the Festival.

No outside food or drink is allowed in the Festival. You may however bring food and water for infants.

There are picnic tables outside the gates if you wish to lunch on your own food.

If you need to leave the Festival but wish to return later that day, you may get your hand stamped at our Exit Gate so that you can re-enter the same day without charge.

Legitimate service canines are allowed.

Sorry, no pets (besides legitimate service canines) are allowed inside the Festival.

Please feel free to bring your camera!

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is full of photographic opportunities for the amateur or professional photographer. There will be many opportunities to capture memories.

Each year we also conduct a Tournament of Images photo contest.  Enter for the chance to win and have your photo published in the Scarborough Renaissance Festival®‘s souvenir program and on our website.

Photography and/or Videography of Festival attendees will be taking place at our event. By entering this event you are granting permission to Scarborough Renaissance Festival® and its authorized agents to utilize any photographs or video taken of you for promotional and/or commercial purposes or other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the event and release the event from any and all liability for damages associated with such usage.

The Festival site is generally handicapped accessible.

Dragon Wagons, located just outside the front gate, rents wheelchairs, electric scooters and Dragon Wagons (on a first come first served basis).

If you are interested in renting a scooter or wagon in advance, please call 817-808-6249 or email [email protected] for more information.

Dragon Wagons, located just outside the front gate, rents wheelchairs, electric scooters and Dragon Wagons (on a first come first served basis).

If you are interested in renting a scooter or wagon in advance, please call 817-808-6249 or email [email protected] for more information.

A wide variety of beer, wine, frozen beverages, and craft beers are available for your enjoyment. Visit our Pubs & Taverns page for a full listing of offerings.

We encourage all of our guests to drink responsibly. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages at Scarborough Renaissance Festival®.

No alcohol may be brought into or out of the Scarborough gates.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is open Rain or Shine!

Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for up to the minute information and updates each day of the Festival season.

The resident wizard has proclaimed there will be no rain during the annual Scarborough Renaissance Festival®, but should you be favored with some liquid sunshine, sun slicks and umbrellas are for sale at the souvenir shoppes.

Souvenir Programs are available at the Gate and our Souvenir Shoppes for $3.

Programs include a map of the grounds (including restroom locations), a schedule of entertainment, a list of shoppes by category, pictures of our entertainers, FAQ’s, a list of our pubs and taverns and a list of the food that is available throughout the Festival as well as other information.

The management discourages the use of weapons as costume adornments, as the safety of our patrons is our utmost concern. Any weapon adornment must be “peace-tied” and otherwise protected so any sharp edges are covered, and so it cannot be drawn or wielded while on the grounds.  Scarborough Renaissance Festival®  does NOT allow open carry and has the 30.07 code information posted at the entrance to the Festival. Southwest Festivals, Inc. (parent company of Scarborough Renaissance Festival®) reserves the right to exclude a patron or participant from wearing or carrying a weapon on Festival grounds.

Due to the wide variety of potential “weapons” each item is handled on a case-by-case basis when the patron enters the Festival. The Front Gate personnel determine what will and will not be allowed into the Festival, as well as how it will be “peace-tied” and protected before the patron enters the Festival. To avoid your weapon being held at the entrance gate until you depart the Festival, we advise that you do not wear weapons as costume adornments.

Security personnel monitor the wearing of weapons on the Festival grounds. If our weapons policy is violated, Security personnel may confiscate any weapon and expel the violator from the Festival grounds.

Although smoking is allowed throughout the Festival, we ask that guests refrain from smoking in the audience during our shows.

Look for the sculptured water fountains around the site in the shapes of a dragon, a jester, a knight and others.

Water fountains may also be found near each of the flush restrooms (privies) and at the exit gate.

Artisans & Crafters

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is a juried craft show. The Jury is held in January of each year for the following season. The Festival requires that you produce your own product and not be simply a reseller.

Contact the Craft Director at [email protected] for more information or an application, or download the application with the following link: 2021 Scarborough Renaissance Festival® Artisan Application.

Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts (Performing Company)

For information about becoming a member of the Scarborough Renaissance Festival® performing company, go to the Performing Company Page.

Auditions will be held on a Saturday in January by appointment only. To schedule an audition please fill out the following form and our Cast Director will get back to you as soon as possible!

Stage and Street Performers

To be considered as a Stage or Street act for the festival, please send the following information:

  • A DVD of your act between five and fifteen minutes long.
  • Your resume, references and any PR material that you may have.
  • Your daily salary requirements. Stage acts normally do four 25 minute shows per day. Street performers are scheduled for breaks.
  • Your availability. The show runs for 8 weeks on Saturday, Sunday and Memorial Day Monday. There may be at least one Student Day, usually during the first week of May.
  • We are more than happy to visit your website for additional information, but you MUST SEND THE REQUESTED MATERIALS BY MAIL. We will not open unsolicited email attachments.
  • For serious consideration, all proposals must contain salary requests. We do negotiate, but we must have a baseline for budgetary reasons.

Please mail your information to:

Scarborough Renaissance Festival
2511 FM 66
Waxahachie, TX 75167

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. To be seriously considered for the 2021 season, all materials should be received no later than June 1, 2020. Materials will not be returned.

The Festival offers a variety of Royal Renaissance Weddings.

For more information visit our Weddings page or contact the Festival Office at 972-938-3247, ext 17.

Many village artisans demonstrate their crafts at their shoppes. Demonstrations include blacksmithing, glassblowing, coin pressing, pottery, soap making, glass, printing, and type casting. Click here for a list of demonstrations.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® does NOT offer patron camping at the Festival site

For a list of area hotels and campsites please see the Area Lodging Page.

More than a score of uniformed and plainclothes security officers along with Safety Services staff patrol the village with radios.

If for any reason you need security, stop by any of the food booth areas, the front gate, pubs, or ask a staff member and they will contact security.

Visit our Employment page or contact the Festival Office at 972-938-3247, ext 11.

Seasonal positions include:

  • Attraction Operations
  • Cooks & Kitchen Preparation
  • Entrance Gate
  • Food & Beverage Sales
  • Game Operations
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Pubs
  • Restroom Attendants
  • Safety Services
  • Special Events
  • Ticket & Souvenir Sales

Please refer to the Festival Map for the location of the restrooms, known at the Festival as Privies.

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Please note that Scarborough Renaissance Festival® does not sell or share the names/email addresses on our mailing list.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® receives numerous donations requests to support of a wide variety of worthwhile causes. In an effort to be consistent and provide support to as many organizations as possible, Scarborough Renaissance Festival® regrets that it can donate only to fundraising events in Texas.

Requests for a donation must be submitted on the organization’s official letterhead stationery. Requests must be sent by fax to “Scarborough Renaissance Festival® Donations” (including address, telephone & fax) to (972) 938-1890, by mail to Scarborough Renaissance Festival® Donations, PO Box 538, Waxahachie, TX 75168, or email [email protected]. Here are the guidelines for Scarborough Renaissance Festiva® donation requests:

  • Provide a request letter from the charitable organization on official letterhead stationery
  • Submit request a minimum of 1 month prior to fundraiser/event
  • Specify the date of the fundraiser/event
  • Include explanation of the fundraiser/event
  • Include a signature on each letter
  • The principal must sign school requests
  • Include fliers or newspaper articles with requests when possible
  • Phone requests will not be accepted

The First Aid Station is located just inside the front gate.

You may also request first aid from one of our food booths or any of our Safety Services,  uniformed officers, or staff members and they will radio for assistance.

If you lose something please inquire at the Exit Gate.

If you find something please turn it in at the Exit Gate.

You may inquire about lost items item during the week with the Festival Office at 972-938-3247

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