April 7 - May 28, 2018
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday

Live the Fantasy & Spring Celebration Weekend

Embrace your imagination during our Live the Fantasy Weekend!

Costume Contests: Adult & Children’s Costume Contest each day. Grand Prize – Scarborough Prize Pack!

Adults: Those in Fantasy based costumes, Register at the front gate by 12pm each day to participate and receive further instructions.  Please note – you will not be marching in the Parade this season for this contest.

Children: Children in Fantasy based costumes register at the front gate by 12pm each day then meet at the Post Parade Proclamation on the Chess Field (Holly Field) at 1:20 for the contest.

Children’s Fairy Initiation Ceremony at 12:15pm each day at the Royal Marquee.

Fairy Entertainment: Don’t forget to check out the all new Fae Follies show on the Whimsey Stage at 11:30 each day.

Spring Celebration: Join in the fun with the Villagers of Scarborough as they celebrate “May Day” and the beginning of Spring by adorning beautiful flowers throughout the weekend!

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