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How Do I Request Donations of Admission Tickets For My Organization?

As you might expect, Scarborough Renaissance Festival® receives numerous donation requests in support of a variety of worthwhile causes. In an effort to be consistent and provide support to as many organizations as possible, Scarborough Renaissance Festival® regrets that it can donate only to fundraising events in Texas.


Requests for a donation must be submitted on the organization’s official letterhead stationery. Requests must be sent by fax to “SCARBOROUGH DONATIONS” (including address, telephone & fax) to (972) 938-1890 or by mail to Scarborough Donations, PO Box 538, Waxahachie, TX 75168. Please use the following as a checklist for our guidelines:

  • Provide a request letter from the charitable organization on official letterhead stationery.
  • Submit request a minimum of 1 month prior to fundraiser/event.
  • Specify the date of the fundraiser/event.
  • Include explanation of the fundraiser/event.
  • Include a signature on each letter.
  • The principal must sign school requests.
  • Include fliers or newspaper articles with requests when possible.
  • E-mail and phone requests will not be accepted.
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