April 10 - May 31, 2021
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday
No Refunds or Exchanges


All things unusual. Cash Only, Prices Vary

Petting Zoo

Admission $3

Animals were an important part of the Renaissance villager’s life and the villagers of Scarborough are no exception. Our petting zoo is located near the far end of Taylor Lane between the Whimsey Stage and games of skill (at the top of the Pecan Grove map). Children will have a wonderful hands-on experience with sheep, goats, bunnies, chickens, ducks and pigs as well as a llama and tortoise. Parents are allowed in with small children.

Get your photo taken with a Unicorn!

Mythical Monster Museum

Admission $5 Online (includes $2 service fee) & $3 at the Attraction.

Vampires, Trolls, Mermaids and monsters of all descriptions await you in the Mythical Monster Museum of Raptus and Krane! This walk through attraction is filled with all manner of monsters, from tiny fairies to mighty dragons. See the equipment and weapons used to slay and capture monsters! Learn the histories of the fearless monster hunters, Raptus and Krane and their fearsome prey! Behold the preserved remains of monstrous creatures as well as several beasts that have been captured “alive” (or undead)! A fantastical addition to Scarborough Renaissance Festival®, this attraction is a wonder for all ages!

TerraMythica Castle

Admission $5 Online (includes $2 service fee) & $3 at the Attraction.

Take a look into the story of three princesses who were cast aside and transformed by a benevolent magical woman.

Having an unquenchable thirst to regain their titles, three princesses learn magic and become transformed. They begin to hunt down magical creatures and unsuspecting villagers to harvest their energy and become the most powerful of witches.

Discover their story in the TerraMythica Castle and see if these witches regained their rightful place and what has become of them now…

Here Lies thy Adventure