Photo: Cassie Gonzales 2022

Stage & Lane Shows

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

Amanda Kitchen’s Carnival of Sound

  • Limited Engagement
Amanda Kitchens has performed at Faires and Stages for over a decade. She sings in ten different languages and wields an accordion: the passport to see the World through song! Whether it be a Balkan wedding song or an upbeat original, you may find yourself with the uncontrollable desire to dance when you hear her at the Ivanhoe Stage.

Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

  • Adult (16+)
Scandalous. Licentious. Madly impolitic. And riotously funny. Stroll down the paisley corridors of iambic corruption as Arthur Greenleaf Holmes presents his villainous verse. Not for the skittish. Show rated PG-16 - not suitable for children.

Birds of Prey

Presented by Last Chance Forever Birds of Prey Conservancy - The Birds of Prey Show is an interactive exhibition that incorporates The Royal Falconer and flying and non-flying raptors. Knowledge of basic raptor biology and natural behaviors, insights into the plight of the natural world and the human effects in the balance of living things is shared in a conservation-themed entertainment program.

Cannon Drill

  • SAPA
With the help of young 'volunteers' from the audience, Boomer explains the process of loading and firing a cannon.


The string trio Cantiga (Martha Gay - harp, Thomas Nuendel - violin, Luke Lee - cello) breathes new life into traditional Renaissance world music. Timeless melodies and forms woven together with improvisation, passion and humor.

Celtic Legacy

World-class bagpipes, earthshaking drums, rockin’ guitars, and a mile-a-minute banter only barely scratches the surface of this comedic group of Celtic Lads!

Cirqa Brava

Cirqa Brava high-flying acrobats that mesmerize & delight with their one-of-a-kind aerial & circus spectacle! Blending razor-sharp comedy with breathtaking beauty, these ladies’ antics will turn your world upside down, inside out, and leave you tangled with laughter!

Cirque du Sewer

You may recognize the trained rats, cats, and acro-human of Cirque du Sewer from their feature on “ Ripleys Believe It or Not?”, or from their national and international tv appearances, including a standing ovation and multiple rounds on America’s Got Talent. But watching them live at a renaissance faire is even more thrilling because we can’t edit out when cats are jerks! Melissa combines her skills with the talents of her rescue animals, creating complicated obstacle courses for the rats, dancing with cats, and balancing upside down on a half-inch slack rope.

Country Dance

  • SAPA
Frolic with local villagers to the cheerful and spritely tunes of the country folk.

Court Dance

  • SAPA
Join the people of Scarborough as they dance the stately dances of the court. School of Court Dance 11:30am - Maypole 4:30pm - Maypole Court Dance 12:00pm - Maypole 5:00pm - Royal Marquee

Cy the Sword Swallower

A man of skill, a man of danger, and some would say….a complete lunatic. Cy is a master of the blade. Witness him swallow a whole armory of swords of different shapes and sizes ranging from the smallsword to the curved scimitar. No two shows are the same. With variety, audience participation and comedy. Cy will leave you thrilled and entertained, bursting with laughter and talking about it after.

Don Juan and Esmeralda

Join this father daughter duo for a laughter filled adventure while they show off their skills in sword fighting, knife throwing, and whip cracking! With over 40 years experience as members of the Don Juan and Miguel show these two are sure to bring joy to your day!

Fallen Heroes Tribute

Memorial Day Veterans Parade and Fallen Heroes Tribute. (Monday, May 29th only) All active and retired military members are invited to receive a yellow sash to commemorate their service (at the Village Armoury) and are invited to march in the parade. At the conclusion of the parade, we invite everyone to join us at the Royal Pavilion for the presentation of colors and a special Fallen Heroes tribute.

Fire Whip Show

Sophisticated, high-energy routines, featuring single-handed whip cracking, double-handed multi-crack demos, stunts and tricks including balloon popping, candle snuffing, paper cutting, flower snipping, whip dancing, wraps, fire whips, and much, much more.

Grande Parade

  • SAPA
Begins in Pecan Grove at 1:00pm, winds its way through the Village to arrive at the Royal Pavilion in the Holly Field. Villagers, artisans, nobles, and knights join together every day at 1:00pm to march throughout the Village of Scarborough. See banners hoisted high and catch a glimpse of the Village artisans, the Royal Court, the Royal Guard, and Their Majesties.

Hands on Dulcimer

  • Lane Performer
Experience the magic of seeing, hearing and playing the dulcimer yourself. Learn a simple tune and play a duet with the Roma musician! Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village when not on Stage.