Stage & Lane Shows

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

Highland Swordsmanship

Scottish Highland Warriors were renowned swordsmen and were one of the last armies that used the sword in battle. See demonstrations of the Highland broadsword, broadsword and targe (shield), and the Scottish dirk with the Victorian Fencing Society. The Victorian Fencing Society is located in Carrollton, TX and promotes the research, training and demonstration of historical swordplay from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Historical Tour of Scarborough

A historical tour through the Village of Scarborough. Join the tour at 2:00 pm each day as it begins at the Hightower Square Stage.

History, Customs, & Manners

What were the people of the 16th century like? Learn more about them in this interactive presentation. The show’s presenters vary almost every year. Sometimes actors come and go, other times one of them may change character, but one thing always stays the same: All presenters are portrayed by historians and HCM (History, Customs, & Manners) instructors in the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA), the cast of Scarborough Renaissance Festival®.  Every SAPA performer attends an intensive series of workshops every spring. One of the core courses taught is HCM, and it is from these SAPA lectures that much of the material that is covered in the show is derived and then repackaged. Each instructor/performer has specialized knowledge of the period, but all have a deep grounding in all major aspects of life in Tudor England.

Jim Hancock

Festive songs to rouse the spirit and soothe the soul. Come sing along with the Burley Minstrel. 5:30pm Show is Jim Hancock and Friends. 6:00pm Show is a PG-16 Pub Sing.

King’s Pub Pub Sing

Adult (16+)
Join the performers of Scarborough as they send off another day. King's Pub Pub Sing is rated PG-16 - not suitable for children.

Knighting Ceremony

Children of all ages are invited to be presented to her majesty, Margaret Queen of Scotland & the Isles to be recognized for acts of courage and deeds of meritorious service. Each participant will receive a seal that names them a Knight of the Realm or Lady of the Court; a lasting memento of their day at Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

Lady Genevieve

In the long folk tradition of bards, Lady Genevieve performs her unique brand of guitar & vocal faire favorites

Maypole Dance

Adults & children alike join in the fun and celebrate Spring weaving ribbons during this lively dance with music provide by Gan Aimn.

Menage a Moi

Adult (16+)
Naughty, bawdy entertainment that is humorously indecent but always discreet. The top-shelf drinky, kinky stylings of Ménage À Moi Comedy pair nicely with a cooling beer or a warming tequila shot. Come for the sexually liberated, inclusive camaraderie. Stay for the belly laughs, new friends, and an organic unpredictability that ensures every show is unique. Show rated PG-16 - not suitable for children.

Mermaid Lagoon

Scarborough's Mermaid Lagoon offers patrons the chance to meet and interact with Mermaids in one of the most unique tropical settings to showcase these mythical creatures.  The Mermaid Lagoon is a perfect addition to your visit to Scarborough Renaissance Festival®! The Mermaid Lagoon is open 11:00am to 12:30pm, 1:30pm to 3:00pm, and 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Moor of Dundee

Lane Performer
From Africa to Scotland, her beautiful music will carry you away. Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village.

Name that Sonnet

A Renaissance style game-show that that most certainly leads to a lot of fun, laughter, and perhaps a little education.

Rat Puck

Lane Performer
Rat Puck is a game for Kings and Commoners alike similar the the Scottish “golf" but played with rats and sticks! Join Master of Masters Pucker Emrys Fleet, rat catcher for some instruction and an exhibition round of Rat Puck! Puck We Must! Can be found in the lanes throughout the Festival.

Rover’s Way

The Pride of Ireland entices the ear with songs that are Irish and songs that wish they were. Featuring Matthew Young delivering a wide repertoire of music from toe tapping pub songs, to heart warming ballads.

Sarah Mullen

Lane Performer
Music and legends of the Celtic Harp She can be found at Elephant's Crossing Bridge throughout the day when not on stage.
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