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Stage & Lane Shows

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

Maypole Dance

Adults & children alike join in the fun and celebrate Spring weaving ribbons during this lively dance with music provide by Gan Aimn.

Menage a Moi

Adult (16+)
Naughty, bawdy entertainment that is humorously indecent but always discreet. The top-shelf drinky, kinky stylings of Ménage À Moi Comedy pair nicely with a cooling beer or a warming tequila shot. Come for the sexually liberated, inclusive camaraderie. Stay for the belly laughs, new friends, and an organic unpredictability that ensures every show is unique. Show rated PG-16 - not suitable for children.

Mermaid Lagoon

Scarborough's Mermaid Lagoon offers patrons the chance to meet and interact with Mermaids in one of the most unique tropical settings to showcase these mythical creatures.  The Mermaid Lagoon is a perfect addition to your visit to Scarborough Renaissance Festival®! The Mermaid Lagoon is open 11:00am to 12:30pm, 1:30pm to 3:00pm, and 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Moor of Dundee

Lane Performer
From Africa to Scotland, her beautiful music will carry you away. Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village.

Rover’s Way

The Pride of Ireland entices the ear with songs that are Irish and songs that wish they were. Featuring Matthew Young delivering a wide repertoire of music from toe tapping pub songs, to heart warming ballads.

Sarah Mullen

Lane Performer
Music and legends of the Celtic Harp She can be found at Elephant's Crossing Bridge throughout the day when not on stage.

Scarborough Waites

Lane Performer
The Town Watch has gathered their best musicians to herald the King and Queens as they move about the Festival.  Keep an ear out for the thrilling fanfares as the trumpets and drum announce the presence of Royalty and highlight the Jousts.

Sir Real, the Puppet Man

Lane Performer
Bringing spectacle to the lanes, Sir Real dazzles and teases with puppetry and fantastic costumes. Keep an eye out for hobby horses, immense butterflies, and "Baby" in his high chair. Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village.

Statue Comedius de Marbelous

Lane Performer
There are many Living Statues, but there is only one Lively Statue and his name is Comedius de Marbleous. Keep an eye out for this Living Marble Marvel. He has an aversion to pigeons, but he's not camera shy at all. He's all about photo ops with young, old, and those as ancient as he (he was sculpted in 1457).

Stonhenj Players

Mixed a cappella singing. Pirate shanties, celtic ballads, English traditionals, and comedy originals.

Syndicate School of Sword & Skill

Syndicate Academy of Sword & Skill (Children) - Morning Show Come join duelist, Fancisco Alvarez de la Vega as he demonstrates techniques and how to use weapons of the Renaissance.  De la Vega will teach you and your young ones the techniques and to defend and attack with them as well. This is a hands-on experience that is fun for all ages Syndicate Academy of Sword & Skill (Adult) - Afternoon Show Do you have what it takes to win a duel?  Join duelist, Fancisco Alvarez de la Vega as he demonstrates techniques and how to use weapons in the Spanish style of Destreza.  You will learn the history of these techniques as well as how to defend and attack with them.  This is a hands-on experience that is designed for adults.

The Accidental Acrobats

This duo will flip, tumble & crash their way into your hearts with a spectacle of super-human stunts & pun-derful antics!

The Don Juan & Miguel Show

Follow the enchanting and romantic adventures of Don Juan, Miguel, and the lovely Esmeralda as they charm friend and foe alike while demonstrating their skills with whip, sword and comedy. 5:00pm Show is the "Weird Show"

The Gwendolyn Show

The Gwendolyn Show is a celebration of the ridiculous! An interactive improv comedy storytelling show, you never know quite what will happen and no show is ever the same twice. Audiences are regaled with Gwendolyn Steele's un-traditional fairy tales, romantic mishaps and comedic adventures; given her version of "advice:, and often find themselves an integral part of the show!

The Inheritance

The Inheritance embodies the spirit of the Romany people as they've inherited their music from all over the world, be it the mountains & villages of Bulgaria or a song whispered to their hearts by a bird. This is a band of multi-instrumentalists (From accordion, clarinet, tamboura, & percussion to full brass band!).  Bring your dancing shoes and open hearts!

The Iron Hill Vagabonds

This traditional Irish Folk group perform an acoustic mix of both classical and original songs.  The Dooley brothers and their friends have delighted audiences far & wide with their jovial banter, charming vocalizations, and energetic instrumental arrangements.

The Joust

Noble Cause Productions presents the Knights of the Realm - thrice daily joust show. [gallery ids="303,304,305"]
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