April 9 - May 30, 2022
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday
10am to 7pm


Of Great Talent and Reputation

You can recognize the hundreds of stage & lane performers by this medallion they wear bearing the symbol of the 2021 season.


Scotland Rising


A festival pipe band with 2 world class pipers and a world class percussionist, and insult to the music world front guy!

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Scottish Court

Comedy, SAPA Show, Theater

Come meet the King’s sister, Margaret – Queen of Scotland and the Isles, as she greets patrons, grants boons, and settles disputes.

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Sholo the Nubian

Lane Performers, Theater

Massively muscled warrior presents drama and romance. Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village.

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Lane Performers, Music

Mixed a cappella singing. Pirate shanties, celtic ballads, English traditionals, and comedy originals.

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The Accidental Acrobats

Comedy, Juggling

This duo will flip, tumble & crash their way into your hearts with a spectacle of super-human stunts & pun-derful antics!

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Here Lies thy Adventure

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