Photo: Cassie Gonzales 2022

Stage & Lane Shows

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

The Lords of Adventure

  • Limited Engagement
Choose to be a hero or be a victim by accident!  We are the Lords of Adventure. It is our mission to remind all of you that you have an adventurer inside.  Be the hero of your own story.

The Nature of Mercy Pirates

  • Lane Performer
Sword fighting pirate comedy show! Swashbucklers of all ages will be delighted in this family friendly show! In addition to their shows at the Traveler's Stage you can also find them at 10:30am in front of the bakery.

The Pinwheel Sideshow

Pippsy the clown brings the amazing world of sideshow to the stage!  Watch in awe as she flirts with death swallowing swords and more! This show has it all – comedy, suspense, puns danger and a drinking game!

The Verbal Joust

  • SAPA
A humorous improvisational language lesson on the value of creative insults!

Tug O’War

Children & Adult Tug O’War competitions at the Maypole

Victorian Fencing Society

  • Limited Engagement
The Victorian Fencing Society will be providing demonstrations of historical martial arts.

Village Pub Sing

  • SAPA
Join the performers of Scarborough at the Sea Hag Stage as they send off another day.

Wyndel Fipple

  • Lane Performer
Wendell Fipple’s enchanting music casts a spell to days of yore, filling the lanes of Scarborough Faire, conjuring castles, knights, ladies, love, chivalry and festival celebration. Relax, enjoy, tarry awhile and listen to songs of the Renaissance performed on replica historic instrument.

Zilch the Torysteller

Specializing in spooneristic manglings of childhood tairy fales. Zilch the Torysteller has been “peaching teople how to leak in a spifferent danguage” for over four decades. He takes classic tales and utterly mangles them historically and hysterically. Hear him render stories like “Loldigocks and the Bee Threars,” “Rindercella,” and Spilliam Wakeshear’s classic “Jomeo and Ruliet.”