April 6 - May 27, 2019
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday
No Refunds or Exchanges


Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts

SAPA (Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts) is a non-profit performing company that trains the actors that portray our Royal Court, Villagers, and Peasants. They go through 8 Saturdays and Sundays of classes prior to Scarborough Renaissance Festival’s opening and then entertain our guests for another 8 weekends of the festival. Many of the performers also do programs for schools, libraries, and other organizations year around.  Auditions for SAPA take place in early January of each year.

Members of the Performing Company are wearing a medallion bearing the symbol of the season.

This medallion will allow you, our guests, to distinguish the performers from the visitors.

SAPA Shows

Cannon Drill

Children’s Knighting Ceremony

Country Dance

Court Dance & School of Court Dance

Gan Ainm

Grande Parade

Gypsy Extravaganza

Historic Weapons Demo

History, Customs, & Manners

Living Chess Match

Mass Appeal with Father Martin

Maypole Dance

Scarborough Hath Talent

Scottish Court

Sea Hag Stage Pub Sing

So You Want To Be A Sailor?

Stool Ball

Tales From the Village

2018 Scarborough Renaissance Festival® SAPA Staff

2018 Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts Cast

Cast Member Character Role
Here Lies thy Adventure