April 10 - May 31, 2021
Saturdays, Sundays, & Memorial Day Monday
No Refunds or Exchanges

Scarborough 2020 Season Cancelled

We were truly hopeful that the COVID-19 situation would subside in time for us to open with the adjusted 6-week schedule previously announced. However, due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and the heightened recommendations from the CDC and local officials, Scarborough Renaissance Festival® has cancelled our 2020 season to ensure the health and safety of our staff, employees, participants, patrons and community. We are extremely disappointed that our 2020 season is cancelled but plan to be back in 2021 bigger and better than ever to celebrate our 40th season!

Everyone who has purchased tickets for admission, Group Events or Special Events (including Wine & Beer Tasting Events, Mothers’ Day Brunch & Royal Ale Festival) will be receiving detailed information directly regarding ticket options.

The entire Scarborough Renaissance Festival® organization is extremely disappointed that our 2020 season is cancelled but plan to be back in 2021 bigger and better than ever to celebrate our 40th season and we hope to see you then!

We’ve noticed a few questions have come up more than once after our announcement about the 2020 Season of Scarborough.  We’ve compiled them below in hopes of making the answers easier to find.

Is there some way we can help the Artisans?
Many of our shoppes have websites or Facebooks listed in the Shoppes section of the website.  You must choose a shoppe category (IE – apparel, woodworking, etc) in order to see shoppe websites which are listed under the shoppe name.

Is there some way we can connect with the Performers?
We have put together a list of the Performers who were going to perform with us this season, with their websites and social media channels. Please look to this list for ways to connect with your favorite Scarborough acts!

Why can’t you move the Festival to the Fall?
We have a fall event that takes place on Festival Grounds (Screams® Halloween Theme Park) and we begin prep work for it in the Summer. Additionally, many of our performers and artisans have other outstanding obligations that makes coming to Scarborough later in the year impossible.

Can we purchase 2020 souvenirs?
The decision regarding the sale of 2020 souvenirs is still under consideration. Once that decision has been made, announcements will be made on our social media pages.

What about hosting a Virtual Faire?
Most of our performers never made it to Scarborough and with the current shelter in place orders in effect, we cannot ask our cast to travel to site. We recommend visiting the sites of your favorite Scarborough performers as linked above to watch any streams or videos that they are producing, as well as checking out things like the Digital Ren Faire!

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