Comedy Performers

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

Name that Sonnet

A Renaissance style game-show that that most certainly leads to a lot of fun, laughter, and perhaps a little education.

Rat Puck

Lane Performer
Rat Puck is a game for Kings and Commoners alike similar the the Scottish “golf" but played with rats and sticks! Join Master of Masters Pucker Emrys Fleet, rat catcher for some instruction and an exhibition round of Rat Puck! Puck We Must! Can be found in the lanes throughout the Festival.

Shakespeare Approves

Join your friendly, neighborhood Shakespeare – Renaissance Festival Awards winner Favorite Comedy Act (2021) & Favorite Child-Friendly Act (2018, 2019) – as he takes you on audience-interactive adventures full of merriment: sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, flying implements of doom, musical numbers, being pursued by a bear, and …death by fluffy kittens! The Shakespearean adventures are zany performances shaped to be fun for everyone!

Statue Comedius de Marbelous

Lane Performer
There are many Living Statues, but there is only one Lively Statue and his name is Comedius de Marbleous. Keep an eye out for this Living Marble Marvel. He has an aversion to pigeons, but he's not camera shy at all. He's all about photo ops with young, old, and those as ancient as he (he was sculpted in 1457).

The Accidental Acrobats

This duo will flip, tumble & crash their way into your hearts with a spectacle of super-human stunts & pun-derful antics!

The Clash of Champions

Cheer on your favorite fighters from all over the world as they battle for the title of Champion!

The Don Juan & Miguel Show

Follow the enchanting and romantic adventures of Don Juan, Miguel, and the lovely Esmeralda as they charm friend and foe alike while demonstrating their skills with whip, sword and comedy. 5:00pm Show is the "Weird Show"

The Gwendolyn Show

The Gwendolyn Show is a celebration of the ridiculous! An interactive improv comedy storytelling show, you never know quite what will happen and no show is ever the same twice. Audiences are regaled with Gwendolyn Steele's un-traditional fairy tales, romantic mishaps and comedic adventures; given her version of "advice:, and often find themselves an integral part of the show!

The Kamikaze Fireflies

The Kamikaze Fireflies is a fast paced and funny stunt show with fire tricks and rarely seen circus skills like the giant German Wheel and flaming chair stacking. The show features the juggling skills of Gyro (Rob Williams) from The Flaming Idiots and the fearless fire hooping of Casey Martin. With five Guinness World Records and a standing ovation on America's Got Talent this act is sure to blow your socks off!
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