Photo: Cassie Gonzales 2022

Dance Performers

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

Country Dance

  • SAPA
Frolic with local villagers to the cheerful and spritely tunes of the country folk.

Court Dance

  • SAPA
Join the people of Scarborough as they dance the stately dances of the court. School of Court Dance 11:30am - Maypole 4:30pm - Maypole Court Dance 12:00pm - Maypole 5:00pm - Royal Marquee

Maypole Dance

  • SAPA
Adults & children alike join in the fun and celebrate Spring weaving ribbons during this lively dance with music provide by Gan Aimn.

The Inheritance

  • Limited Engagement
The Inheritance embodies the spirit of the Romany people as they've inherited their music from all over the world, be it the mountains & villages of Bulgaria or a song whispered to their hearts by a bird. This is a band of multi-instrumentalists (From accordion, clarinet, tamboura, & percussion to full brass band!).  Bring your dancing shoes and open hearts!