Photo: Cassie Gonzales 2022

Lane Performer Performers

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

Hands on Dulcimer

Lane Performer
Experience the magic of seeing, hearing and playing the dulcimer yourself. Learn a simple tune and play a duet with the Roma musician! Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village when not on Stage.  

Lady Prudence

Lane Performer
Lady Prudence, Her Majesty’s Court Composer, sings Songs for All Occasions! Find her in the lanes with harp, guitar, and whistle, for a personalized Musical experience for the whole family!

Moor of Dundee

Lane Performer
From Africa to Scotland, her beautiful music will carry you away. Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village.

Sarah Mullen

Lane Performer
Music and legends of the Celtic Harp She can be found at Elephant's Crossing Bridge throughout the day when not on stage.

Scarborough Waites

Lane Performer
The Town Watch has gathered their best musicians to herald the King and Queens as they move about the Festival.  Keep an ear out for the thrilling fanfares as the trumpets and drum announce the presence of Royalty and highlight the Jousts.

Sir Real, the Puppet Man

Lane Performer
Bringing spectacle to the lanes, Sir Real dazzles and teases with puppetry and fantastic costumes. Keep an eye out for hobby horses, immense butterflies, and "Baby" in his high chair. Can be found roaming the Lanes throughout the Village.

Statue Comedius de Marbelous

Lane Performer
There are many Living Statues, but there is only one Lively Statue and his name is Comedius de Marbleous. Keep an eye out for this Living Marble Marvel. He has an aversion to pigeons, but he's not camera shy at all. He's all about photo ops with young, old, and those as ancient as he (he was sculpted in 1457).

Terra Prongwort

Lane Performer
Come find Terra Prongwort, Earth Fae, out in the lanes. Learn about nature, fairy etiquette, enjoy a funny story, or join her for tea time!

Vince Conaway

Lane Performer
Vince Conaway and his hammered dulcimer bring history to life as he weaves storytelling with an enchanting array of historical, traditional, and original music!
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