Photo: Cassie Gonzales 2022

Music Performers

23 Stages with Live Entertainment

Rover’s Way

The Pride of Ireland entices the ear with songs that are Irish and songs that wish they were. Featuring Matthew Young delivering a wide repertoire of music from toe tapping pub songs, to heart warming ballads.

Sarah Mullen

Lane Performer
Music and legends of the Celtic Harp She can be found at Elephant's Crossing Bridge throughout the day when not on stage.

Stonhenj Players

Mixed a cappella singing. Pirate shanties, celtic ballads, English traditionals, and comedy originals.

The Inheritance

The Inheritance embodies the spirit of the Romany people as they've inherited their music from all over the world, be it the mountains & villages of Bulgaria or a song whispered to their hearts by a bird. This is a band of multi-instrumentalists (From accordion, clarinet, tamboura, & percussion to full brass band!).  Bring your dancing shoes and open hearts!

The Iron Hill Vagabonds

This traditional Irish Folk group perform an acoustic mix of both classical and original songs.  The Dooley brothers and their friends have delighted audiences far & wide with their jovial banter, charming vocalizations, and energetic instrumental arrangements.

Vince Conaway

Lane Performer
Vince Conaway and his hammered dulcimer bring history to life as he weaves storytelling with an enchanting array of historical, traditional, and original music!
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