History, Customs, & Manners


What were the people of the 16th century like?
Learn more about them in this interactive presentation.

The show’s presenters vary almost every year. Sometimes actors come and go, other times one of them may change character, but one thing always stays the same: All presenters are portrayed by historians and HCM (History, Customs, & Manners) instructors in the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA), the cast of Scarborough Renaissance Festival®. 

Every SAPA performer attends an intensive series of workshops every spring. One of the core courses taught is HCM, and it is from these SAPA lectures that much of the material that is covered in the show is derived and then repackaged. Each instructor/performer has specialized knowledge of the period, but all have a deep grounding in all major aspects of life in Tudor England.

Here Lies thy Adventure