ASL Interpreter

Themed Weekend Event

Limited Engagement

Saturday, April 27, 2024 only. Special signed performances throughout the Festival site sponsored by  Hired Hands, Inc.

Hired Hands, Inc. has been providing reliable sign language interpreting services to the Dallas-Fort Worth and the north Texas area. The agency is owned and operated by certified interpreters and depends on Deaf Community feedback, consultation, and support.

ASL Interpreted Shows
Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
Birds of Prey
Cirqa Brava
Cirque Du Sewer
Cy the Sword Swallower
Fire Whip Show
Glassblowing Demonstrations
The Gwendolyn Show
Don Juan & Esmeralda
Flaming Idiots Reunion
Harmless Danger
The Joust
Kamikaze Fireflies
London Broil Show
Ménage à Moi Comedy
Nature of Mercy Pirates
Pinwheel Sideshow
Star Dancers
Zilch the Toreyseller